Miroir de l'ame

Since before I can remember, I've been fascinated with animals, certain of the possibility of being able to speak with them. The reality has never weakened my convictions... Self taught sculptor, with a formal education for the glazes at the Manufacture Saint Jean L Aigle de Longwy in 2004, I dedicate myself exclusively to animal sculptures. My work is only academic in the sense of ceramic art. I work with stoneware, a tough material, "the male of porcelain," according to the Goncourt brothers. I like this textured earth, that I model with my bare hands, almost like playing with a big dog... On the other hand, my representation of the animal borrows from many walks of life.... For the form, I identify, from pictures gleaned from museums or zoos, the brute lines of the subject. The back of a rhinoceros is arched while that of the hippopotamus is rounded. The curves impose themselves. I throw myself passionately into the detail of the coat that I "feather", "fur" or paint with joy. I love to create this volume that contemporary sculpture has smoothed, even erased. Lastly, the magic of the colors. When speaking of statues, the colored columns or monuments of Egypt, of Ancient Rome, of the roman churches, a historian said: "color is the 4th dimension of sculpture". This sentence is like pulsing music. Color gives life like brilliance gives that spark to the eye. It is across these singularities that I attempt to bring a poetic alternative to reality.

Some exhibitions : Le Musee de la Faience a Malicorne sur Sarthe, L'Atelier, Viaduc des Arts a Paris, le Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Nancy, le Chateau des Bouillants a Dammarie� Tous les ans, Maison et Objet a Paris-Villepinte (2007 et 2009 : Prix de la decouverte M&O)�

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